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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  July 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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welcome back. first, israel is calling up some 16,000 extra reservists to bolster its military offensive as fighting continues in gaza. is really prime investor pitch test is really prime minister has said they will dismantle be hamas tunnel network in the gaza strip with or without a cease-fire. it comes as a israeli officials are pledged to investigate a strife on a u.n.--- a strike on a u.n.-run school the killed at
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least 16 people. the total has best more than 1300, many civilians. also, 58 israel he's having killed, including 56 soldiers and two civilians. that's get the report. >> a dizzy fruit and vegetable a neighborhood no gaza city struck by israeli rockets. the consequences were devastating and deadly. the attack came as parts of gaza were under a four-hour is really military cease-fire. would warned a cease-fire only apply to areas where its soldiers were not operating. residents were also told not to return to any areas they had previously been advised to evacuate. but as the strikes continue, nowhere appears to be safe from the rockets. a u.n. school in gaza sheltering 3000 people was hit by artillery fire. the attack has outraged the international community. shelter, a school, was
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repeatedly shelled by, from all accounts, is really artillery. people were asleep in what they had been assured was the safest place. i condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. nothing, nothing, just device such a horror. >> the israeli military called the incident tragic. works in the morning, there was fromr fire fired right next to the school. there was an exchange of fire with our forces. we are currently reviewing the results of that and looking at two other options, as well. >> the arm a true school in job olea is the fifth u.n. school sheltering palestinian families to be attacked -- the school in the fifth u.n.
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school sheltering palestinian families to be attacked. >> strong words there from netanyahu that the israeli military will destroy all militant tunnels from gaza with or without a cease-fire. what really are the prime minister's options? >> the options are limited. say despitealysts how it appears from the outside, the hard-line prime minister actually wants to retreat from gaza. he wants a cease-fire, and a cease-fire is not in the offering at the moment, it does not seem. and israeli delegation went to cairo yesterday and has returned. hamas says it will not stop firing until israelis in the gaza strip and the blockade is lifted. in a certain sense, there are two options for the israeli government. to finish the job with the tunnels which we are told will take two or three days and itsdraw its troops or sent
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troops. that is with the security cabinet is discussing. >> talking about the israeli security cabinet which is meeting now, what do we expect from that gathering? >> they meet for a long time generally, and it is not clear what they are going to decide. there are moderates -- [indiscernible] looking for a cease-fire and a way out. israel will have fulfilled its military aim in a couple of days when they finish dealing with these tunnels that come from other the gaza strip. say, are other things some that the job is to go further into gaza and get the leaders to come out and to clean hamas out of the gaza strip. that is in discussion. it is a real live issue because the military says either you send as further in our you pull us out. it is dangerous.
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that is what the cabinet is considering. i would said the prime -- [indiscernible] it is not clear. >> thank you for that report from jerusalem. we do apologize for the audio quality of that interview. in other news, russian aviation experts are in the ukrainian capital kiev ahead of a visit to the crash site of a down malaysia airlines jet and rebel-held territory. the ukrainian government has called a one-day pause in military operations against pro-russian rebels to allow investigators to reach the site. they plan to visible the location with international colleagues and study debris there together. , red crescent officials say at least 35 bodies of been recovered from a libyan military base that was overrun by militias. the country has been gripped by a wave of violence involving militias that spearheaded the 2011 uprising against colonel get off the. china has now joined a growing
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number of countries, who are evacuating their nationals from the conflict-torn nation. let's go to our libya specialist and talk about whether the libyan government will be able to regain control. >> we're not past the point of no return. we are at crisis point. it looks likely that libya is going to slide into civil war between these fighting militias which would presumably end in some cut of military dictatorship. but it does not have to be that way. there is still a window of opportunity for mediation and resolution. should be remember that what they are fighting about is not like in other arab countries, not like in palestine or iraq where there are very deep sectarian or religious differences. this battle in libya between militias is mainly about power and about oil wealth. as a result, it is negotiable.
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so there is a possible solution which involves diplomacy, negotiation, compromise, not force. >> now let's take a look at news elsewhere in the world. rescue workers in western india are working to locate survivors of the landslide that has claimed at least 23 lives and varied a some 40 homes. 10 people have been rescued from the wreckage. but rain is hampering efforts to search for others presumed trapped under the mud and debris. also come at least 19 summers have drought and four missing and rough seas off pakistan's biggest city karachi. officials say the victims defied a ban on swimming during the monsoon season. they have been among thousands who have taken to the beaches to celebrate the eid holiday. drug resistance to malaria parasites found in border regions in south east asian
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countries. health officials say blood samples taken from 1200 malaria patients found the parasites which are resistant to drugs have now spread to border areas in cambodia, burma, thailand, and vietnam. defaulta has gone into the second time in 13 years after last-minute talks failed to reach a settlement with creditors. the country's economy minister past him what is it order of the country to him dollars for minority of its investors. let's get the story. scramblingst-minute failed to produce a deal. argentina's economy minister said his government had acted in good faith during the last talks him into default on it at. it's argentina paid, has money. it will keep paying him because he wants to and is able to. how can some one say a judge has declared payments to be
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suspended? >> after argentina's economic collapse and default in 2001, most of the country's creditors agree to renegotiate their bonds and take a 70% cut on their value. a small group of american hedge funds refused, demanding full payment on the bond values and interest. last month, a judge in new york ordered argentina cannot make any payments to the restructured bondholders until the holdouts or compensated. after last-ditch talks collapsed, argentina ran out of time to make a payment and enter default. in point is iris, crowds gathered to show support for the government and protests against so-called valter hedge fund groups that they accuse of trying to profit from their economic distress. >> the perception is we are on the frontline. what we are facing is an affront to the international financial economic power, the ones that question people. >> and elsewhere the default, though unlikely to be as severe
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as the 2001 crisis, could worsen the recession of argentina and push inflation higher. still unclear is the effect it will have on the president. though she has been supported by the public throughout negotiations, her popularity could sink as the economy weakens further. >> fears are growing because the ebola outbreak could spread to other continents with european and asian countries now on alert. the president of sierra leone has declared a national emergency. doctors without borders are also warning that the epidemic is spiraling out of control. ar more, let's talk to reporter in liberia. we heard that the liberian government has shut down all of its schools in order to curtail the epidemic. just how bad is the situation there? , it has claimed about --
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[indiscernible] it is raging. on wednesday, the government took actions by shutting down all schools in the country could the government is also placed nonessential staff working in the country on a 30-day leave. on friday -- [indiscernible] moved in.kers were several communities have been quarantined. -- recommendations from the ministry of health and social welfare. the government has ordered the cremation of all victims of the deadly ebola virus. >> thank you for that report
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from liberia. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution to sue president barack obama for allegedly exceeding his constitutional powers. supporters say the president had exceeded his powers when he delayed and insurance deadline and his health care law. the vote has been dismissed by the president as a waste of time. 5-201 partyline vote, republicans authorize the house to move forward with a lawsuit against the president. they say barack obama has his authority, most specifically in the application of his signature else care law or this bigger of the house all but accused the president of ripping up the u.s. constitution . >> are you willing to let any president choose what clause -- what laws to execute and what laws to change? are you willing to let anyone apart whatt -- tear
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our founders have built? >> to migrants have been unanimous in their condemnation of the measure. >> -- democrats have been unanimous in their condemnation of the measure. >> when i finally do some do, he is suing the president for doing his job when they refused to do theirs. >> it is wrong. it is a waste of time. it is a waste of money. it is a distraction from the important issues so important to our people. >> both sides are keen to use the issue to stir up their respective bases ahead of midterm elections in november. the president dismissed the lawsuit as a political stunt, saying the use of executive orders is the only option with this hopelessly gridlocked congress. >> so some of the things we're doing without congress are making a difference, but we can do so much more if congress would just come on and help out a little bit. [applause] just come on. come on and help out a little bit.
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stop being mad all the time. >> the lawsuit will now head to federal court where it could take months, if not years, to work its way through the system. >> finally, belly dancers from company havera headed to japan to give a master class to children in fukushima, the town still reeling from the tsunami of 2011. not surprisingly, it's children are found to be avid students. >> some children are still finding life difficult after the tragedy, but they danced ballet with all their strengths, and that is helping them to feel better. it is great for them to be up to forget reality, even if it is just for a dance. >> time for a reminder now of what is making headlines this hour -- israel has mobilized some 16,000 additional reservists to bolster its military offensive in gaza that
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has left more than 1300 ofestinians dead mama many them civilians is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the country is determine to destroyed all militant tunnels from gaza with or without a cease-fire. also, argentina has defaulted for the second time in 13 years after last-minute talks failed to seal a deal with creditors. africa ebola outbreak could spread to other continents, people fear. european and asian countries now on alert. the sierra leone president has just declared a state of emergency as held officials are warning the epidemic is spiraling out of control. welcome back. time now for a look at the french and international weekly. i am joined here in the studio by all of her fairy. hello. we start in germany where there is anger mounting against russia. >> that is right. there is in-depth coverage of the aftermath of this crash of flight image 17.
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a photograph shows a photo montage of the victims, and some of the victims with the headline -- 210 stops here. it said the magazine, because the crèche europe's 9/11. some might say that is an exaggeration, but for them it is a defining event. it is a strongly worded editorial and says europe must hold true to an to account for the shooting down of image 17. it gives consideration to the possibility of economic follow-up for germany should the sanctions go ahead but says the price to be paid would be much greater if putin is not allowed to continue with his wrongful doesnational apology policy. unhindered, europe would be in serious danger. >> conflict is also from page news for one italian newspaper. >> that is right, the liberal this look isorates the start of world war i with a
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number of articles on that war and also contemporary ones. the cover headline -- is the world at war? ofgoes over a number conflicts raging across the world from mexico to africa, middle east, and ukraine. thee is an interview with former european commission president who is exceptionally pessimistic. the headline is redesigned and powerless. he says nobody is able to stop world has and the become too accustomed to the situation. the invasion of iraq come he says, is the original sin that shot the usa's credibility. the u.n. no longer has power to send in peacekeepers. china is interested only in its economy. >> one of those conflicts is gaza which is causing some soul-searching in new york. >> that is i, including among zionists. new york muzzin gate -- new york magazine published a column from a man who has previously been a liberal that is a supporter but israel. now he says he is having a change of heart. he says it dawned on me that i'm
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hasof the liberal jews who grown less pro-liberal over the last decade. he is not abandoning zionism, but he is being more critical, criticizing the israeli government, suffering peace talks with the palestinian authority of the last decade through increased settlement building and also a fairly unyielding refusal to compromise. and he mentions the marginalization of two states within israel that is now a left wing rump. he says he recognizes that fax has changed and he has changed his mind. >> a slight shift in public opinion in the u.s. on israel, it seems. >> that is true but more so among the young. polls show that people between 18 and 29, only 23% in the u.s. gaza that the israel offensive is justified. israel can still cap on the support of the u.s. government,
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but there were signs of discontent this week when an anonymous is really government members were heard to have strongly criticized secretary of state john kerry. in the new yorker, it says that israel could risk alienating its greatest ally, the united states. there are comments by right wing israeli politicians who tell barack obama to keep his nose out of israeli affairs. even a far right israeli economy minister says israel should for go u.s. military aid, saying it only amounts to 1% of israel's economy and that they can manage without it. that is unlikely to happen any time soon, but it shows how attitudes are changing within israel. >> yeah, a generational shift. moving on to the french media. they are talking about young people on the internet. >> that is right. we often hear warning tells of doom and gloom about young people under technology addiction. but this weekly has surprising
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news, saying the younger generation these days who spend all their time online are to they less prone behavior of our generation. even people younger than us. studiesaccording to that show youngsters are wiser and more creative him despite all the tweeting and texting. you can see that in the newsroom. center has a cover story called generation selfie which features famous selfies including the pope, barack obama, angela merkel, and francois hollande. the magazine does not appear to be a big fan of this phenomena, calling it a new narcissistic wave. are is these self-portraits
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an example of a narcissistic exhibition of society, and it calls it an epidemic. world leaders in the pope himself, they really are giving a bad example to the younger generation. >> yes, i would call it the "i" decade. that is all over -- oliver ferry. thank you. time for the daily wrap of sports. >> still july but the champions league is into the third qualifying round. wine players sent in the over salzburg. 1-0.sol and zenit, winning, and the scottish champion went ahead. getting dispersed
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alone or is getting preparations and for the new season. players were on the break following world cup efforts in brazil. rodriguez and the rest of the squad is doing well. it will be difficult to repeat the way we played a few years ago. it was a very good football style. i do not know if that will happen again, but we have a strong core of players and the same desire to keep winning. and to be considered top team in europe in the world. there must recent transfer suarez was unable to join the squad due to his ban from the world cup. >> i think the sanction against suarez is success of, he said.
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we want him to be here as soon as possible to start working with us. but i think he will be received with open arms. he is a great player. everybody wants the best in the spanish league. he will entertain the people who will warm to him positively, i am sure. untilcelona will stay saturday before they travel to the french riviera to play a preseason friendly against nice. striker is the latest to move to the india new football league, following several others. agreeing a one-year deal. it starts in october for the super league. injury woesnadal's continue to hamper his season.
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he has a wrist injury. he is likely to miss the cincinnati masters. nadalfending champion, returned five months ago after a back injury. golf, rory mcelroy hopes he at the opensph sparking a long run of success. his third major title after an outstanding four rounds at world liverpool. he has won the u.s. open and pga, and now at 25 he is ready to reassess his career. >> a lot of the goals i set from is at the start of the year i have achieved already. that is when you have to say, ok, box set off, celebrate for a couple days, but then you have to move on. keep moving forward and keep thinking about what you want to achieve from now until the
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evening of the year. then at the end of the year, you can reflect on everything you have done and enjoy it. it is a springboard. outink you can just carry -- i feel like i have got a lot of momentum and can carry that through to the end of the year. i have played some really good golf, similar to what you saw. >> he will be at the championship in ohio. one of many goals he set for himself. >> there are a lot of things, world number one is a big goal of mine. never one at world golf championship, that is another thing. i have three majors, but i have never won one of these. that is another thing i like to knock off the list. a lot of stuff to play for. >> he has one target in mind. a win at the master
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